Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

It’s pretty obvious that dogs are better than cats for an infinite number of reasons! You don’t need a blog post to prove this, but I’m going to give you one anyways. Here are my top reasons why dogs are obviously better than cats:

Your dog actually loves you… no matter what

You dog is always excited to see you. You can leave for a couple hours, and they will act like it’s Christmas morning when you get back. You can leave for five minutes, and they will act like it’s Christmas morning when you get back. You can give them a belly rub, or don’t, and they will still love you with all of their heart. Your cat, on the other hand, doesn’t give a crap if you’re home or not… as long as you leave food and a clean litter box. They might want belly rubs one second, but the next second, their claws are inside of your arm. How dare you run their belly, human! I bet your dog has never done that during a belly rub… just sayin’…


They will protect you

Dogs will do anything for their owners, including protect them. A dog will warn you when an intruder is at your door. They will alert you when that awful mailman is near the house, again. They will tell you if there are scary fireworks outside! They just want you to know, so that you can be safe! Cats? They don’t alert you about anything… unless there food bowl is empty.

You don’t need a garbage disposal if you have a dog

Leftovers down the garbage disposal? Only if you are a cat-only family… With dogs, they are more than happy to clear your plate for you. Cat families find themselves needing Sacramento restaurant hood cleaners more often than dog families – this is a proven fact. (Okay, maybe not “proven fact” but it’s probably true.) Dogs are happy to take this burden off of their owners – especially on meatloaf night.


Dogs will do anything for you

As a stupid human, we are always accidentally throwing tennis balls! Your cat will sit back and laugh at you and wish you luck. Your dog will ALWAYS bring that ball back to you. Even when your dog thinks he can’t move another inch and is panting SO hard, he will still go get that ball you accidentally threw and bring it back to you. This is just one of the many things your dog does to help you, their human. Name one thing cats to do help you; knock your glass of water off the table? Stand on your face while you sleep? Beg for attention, than run away like you are about to beat them when you lean down to give them a pat on the back? Nuff said.

With all of these straight facts proving that dogs are better, I think it’s only fair to say one reason cats are okay. That reason is… Socks. Put some socks on your cat, and you have at least ten minutes of pure entertainment!