Best Las Vegas Artificial Turf Tips

Living in the desert is really great and we love our home. One of the main challenges for the Las Vegas Valley is the ability to not over use our water resources. It’s a well known fact that the levels of Lake Mead, our main water source, are extremely low. Even with the heavy snowfall from last winter, the levels continue to drop. Our family and friends all try to pitch in on keeping our water usage to a minimum. One of the ways that we’ve found to be a success is by installing artificial turf in both our front yard and back yard. Not only is the artificial turf beautiful but my husband doesn’t find himself mowing the yard on Saturday mornings. If my husband is happy, I’m happy.artificial turf las vegas

A local par three golf course just opened down the street from us earlier this year. I was totally pleased to see that they utilized the artificial turf rather than traditional grass. It totally makes sense though. We live in a desert climate where temperatures escalate upwards of 115 degrees during the summer months. Heck, our annual rainfall is only 4.17 inches. It really is a no brainer why a business would install artificial turf just for the financial savings alone.

Artificial turf is a unique blend of mostly recycled materials so it’s also environmental friendly. The city of Las Vegas and city of Henderson have recently contracted with Las Vegas Artificial Turf Pros for all of the upcoming parks and community spaces. The artificial turf company has been working endlessly trying to accommodate all the work they have been contracted to perform.

Another reason that artificial turf is a bonus to areas that children play in is really a positive one. If you think about it, the children are always rolling around on the real grass where pesticides and other products are used to keep the grass alive. Using the artificial turf alleviates the possible exposure to dangerous substances all together. Having everyone safe and healthy makes a lot more sense than anything else in my book.las vegas artificial turf

If you are on the fence about installing artificial turf here in Las Vegas, think about the benefits. Number one, your artificial turf has a potential life span up to 20 years. Yes, that is even here in Las Vegas. Not just the duration of the artificial turf is the best factor, but think of the dollars that will remain in your pocket as well. Let’s see, there’s the water bill, a hired landscaping company, or even your personal time. I can’t think of anything that makes more sense than replacing traditional grass with artificial turf.

Make sure that if you decide to go with the artificial grass that you hire a professional company that specializes in the installation. The installation process of the Las Vegas artificial turf is what is key to the longevity of the product. Also, a good Las Vegas artificial turf business will remove the regular grass and dispose of it as well. The company I mentioned above is highly recommended. You can even go to their website and get a quote online. They are at