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Review of Three Barbecue Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas by San Antonio TX Hood Cleaning

San Antonio TX Restaurant Image2M Smokehouse BBQ is located at 2731 W. WW White Road in San Antonio, Texas. The place was opened on December 3, 2016 by two longtime friends, Joe Melig and Pitmaster Esaul Ramos. They had been talking about opening their own barbecue restaurant since they were in high school.

Esaul started cooking briskets in his back yard before moving to Austin. There he honed his skills as a Pitmaster for several years before approaching Joe about starting their own place in their hometown of San Antonio.

The two partners were not able to find investors, so they held pop up barbecues to raise money. When they found the perfect location, they spent day and night renovating the building to their needs. They had some help from family and friends, but, everything in 2M Smokehouse BBQ is done by hand with love.

Their love for cooking and spending time with family around a dinner table shows in every meal they create. The neighborhood has embraced these two friends and rave about them online. They have close to eight hundred posts giving them a strong four plus star rating.

Believe it or not, barbecue is so popular in Texas that there are high schools that have barbecue courses. There is even an organization called High School BBQ, Inc. that sponsors cook offs and give out awards. This non-profit corporation has a goal to enrich high school students by teaching them to prepare food in five categories: Ribs, Pinto Beans, Brisket, Chicken and dessert.

While there are new generations of Pitmasters coming up, Lupe Limon is actually a third-generation Pitmasters and is working at Brunwood ’68 located at 1012 N. Flores Street in San Antonio, Texas.San Antonio TX Restaurant BBQ

Brunwood ’68 is proud of their Oyler Smoker that is only the fourth of five that were produced by J&R Manufacturing. They Oyler Smoker was first featured at the World Trade Fair of 1968.

Their customers are so busy eating their fine food they forget to post reviews on the internet. They have less that one hundred reviews but the ones they do have rave about their unique atmosphere and amazing smoked meats.

Two Bros. BBQ Market is located at 12656 West Avenue. They were listed as one of the top fifty barbecue joints in the world by Texas Monthly. They were on the cover of The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Barbecue in 2013. USA Today said they were one of the best barbecues places on San Antonio in 2017.

San Antonio TX Restaurant PhotoWith accolades like that, the two brothers, Jake and Jason Dady, must be ecstatic! When they opened Two Bros. BBQ Market they insisted they would only smoke the meat low and slow in their custom-made smoke pits.

They must be doing something right with their secret dry rub then cook them in a rich smoke bath that chars the edges but keeps in the moisture for an amazing flavor. With over seventeen hundred appraisals on the world wide web, they are sure to sell out early so get there early!

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