Weekend did NOT go how I planned

My weekend wasn’t terrible in any way, although part of it was admittedly disappointing. I got to spend the weekend by myself, because my mom was watching the Piano Guys with her cousin in another city. That meant I got to spend all of Friday alone, and then most of Saturday. It would’ve been nice if I went off Reno’s schedule, because then I would’ve been on fall break so I wouldn’t have any school on Friday. Then I’d be able to enjoy my days off to their full extent.

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In any event, it was still a mostly successful weekend. I had to finish a project for my teammates after school because they are terrible partners, so that wasn’t very fun. They didn’t even bother to find a way to communicate with me over the weekend, so I did their work for them. They hadn’t even started on Friday, so I took the liberty of being responsible for them. Sometimes it’s hard to think that they’re going to be adults within the next year. Everyone grows up at different rates I guess. My senior friend from last year grew up way faster than the rest of his grade. By the time he left high school, he was already planning out his success in Vegas with his new las vegas special use permit business. After that, I was too brain dead to work and I knew I would be making mistakes so it would be a waste of my boss’s money to pay me for working then.

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I still managed to call Steph before sleeping, and we stayed on Skype while we slept.The call made it to 17 hours, so it looked like we were talking for 17 hours straight. One time I made it to 23 hours with my cousin gabe, but that’s because it was on a facebook messenger group chat where you can drop in and out of a call as long as there’s one person still remaining in the call. Messenger is probably the worst calling app I’ve ever used, though. It will always find a way to lag and buffer so you can never understand what everyone is saying. I keep seeing ads for google duo online, so maybe I’ll have to check it out.